Fun With Geometry

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I have fun with geometry
The square, the rectangle, the parallelogram
oh the trapezoid and rhombus
The circle and ellipse are fascinating
The triangle and equilateral one
All are in great family
The formulas of geometry try to memorize
The areas and circumference
The sine and cosine
The tangent and arc tangent
The vertex and diagonal
Have you fell in love with geometry already?

Sherif Monem

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Geometrische Ringe aus ø 1,5 mm starkem 925 Sterling Silber. Den handgefertigten Ring gibt es wahlweise in Silber, vergoldet und rosé vergoldet und in 2 verschiedenen Formen: Square (quadratisch-rund) und Drop (tropfenförmig).

Größen (Fingerumfang)

XS – 52 mm, S – 54 mm, M – 56 mm, L – 58 mm, XL – 60 mm

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